The Boys

Jonny Forshaw
Stu Cobain
The Boys in Zante
Malcolm Cook

Anna and I went to Zante back in y2k, and we met up with Ian, Ade, Stu and Rhys, here are some of the pics . . .

And soon the pics from Coey's camera (The lens tells no lies) from our crazy night on the tiles in the best club this side of the River Alt. (Come on Coey)

Jonny Forshaw - He got his HND and did a stint at BT's call centre in Liverpool. Decided to get back into education and is currently studying at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk.


Stuart Cobain - Well now - he has been to the upside-down world of oz, no doubt charming all the ladies! Here is what he asked me to put in while he was there:

Been to Singapore - Sydney - and now on the Gold Coast. 
Leave here on the 1st June, going North toward the Great Barrier Reef -
cont.. up towards Darwin (if all goes well) - down to that big ROCK - maybe to
WA or Sydney - see how it goes, all depends on money hey mate.
Some girl saw me pic on ya web site and want me to write back to her -  she has no idea!

There's some cool pics of Stooey with the Neighbours cast too!

Here are some weird photo's taken by Matty Roberts on a recent knees-up in Liverpool: