Phil Smith


Well as promised, here is the Phil Smith Tribute page (more of a thank you for being the best story teller in the world!)

He is in Warwick University, and is studying: (Here is the UCAS description of his course:)

"Gaenecology with hands on experience" 65 year Full Time; Sandwich [cheese&pickle]; foreign placement scheme, with the desire to open the worlds first Irish theme brothel.


He mailed me the other day, to enthuse at the fact that he can find my web site by typing his own name into Excite search engine! He says he's famous, I say he is bored! Still cool though

Unfortunately for all the girlies out there, I have only one, very very very small half photo of him, so here it is:

Phil Smith copy.jpg (3662 bytes)

As soon as he gives me another, I will publish it, so don't throw your knickers at him just yet!