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Todays Love Story - Starring You!!

Read on to see your fantasy come true . . .

Once upon a time on a summer day in , you saw the most creature you had ever seen. Their name was , and every move made turned you on more and more. You poked your best friend and said, "Oocheeewowa, that's got to be the most body I have ever seen!". Suddenly, looked over in your direction and started walking right towards you. said, "I noticed you looking at me. I just had to tell you that I think your are so , and I was wondering if you'd like to go to with me and ?". With a big grin from ear to ear you said, " " and went with them. When you finally got to , moved closer to you, and while holding your hands, gave you the biggest snog ever. The two of you were passionately kissing, when you felt a smack you on the back of the head. You opened your eyes to find out it was all a dream, but there was a note left next to your bed, and it said:

" is the love you've been waiting your whole life for, and will ask you out in days or less, but only if you forward this site by email to at least 10 people within the next few minutes. The more people you send it to, the sooner they will ask you out, and you will both fall in love. Do not take this lightly, because if you simply ignore this, you will have bad luck in love for the next years!"


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