Back in 2001, the mighty Redgate Rovers Team got to the Cup Final, played the same day as the Red Scum beat Arsenal in the FA Cup. A couple of us decided to shave our heads to celebrate the fact, and it was a good job because the temperature on the day was pushing 34 degrees! After a punishing game, the Dons came out champions by 3 goals to 1 but we really enjoyed our run-in to the final. We all celebrated for about two or three days, superb summer. Cheers boys.

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The Redgate Boys in the Cup Final 2001 The Kaiser - Captain Wesley O'Brien, Centre Back, has orange blood Ste 'keeps' who's two mistakes didn't cost us the game Ste Baker - flying left back Ste Baker - flying left back Gavin 'Marathon Man' Beet - Serious Quality Midfielder Paul "The Bald Pele" Chambers - what an amazing pair of feet - superb footballer Ian "Limp wrists?" Hall - played Centre Back with me last season - an absolute Rock Robbie "Could do Better" Drury - his dad really did slate him every game - great lad plays for Old Boys now Mark "Bald Maradonna" Chambers - provids the flair in the Midfield Barry "West 'am" Pilcher - The nicest man we have ever had the pleasure of meeting - the manager 1996-2001 Col "Numbers Man" Jackson - late signing in 2001, came in at right back - lives in London now Clayton "Defense?" Birchall - sound lad played anywhere across the back, suffered badly from Shin Splints Robbie "Ill just have a shot from here" Hughes - another great lad who played right back/midfield Ian "Shrimp" Pilcher - son of Barry, great performer on his day, suffered badly with broken legs during games Tw@t - despite nobody liking him he always found out where we were playing and kept his shirt Pete "Enthusiatic Dad" Drury - great supporter of us - still cheers for the mighty Redgate despite severed links Frendy "What day is it?" Chay - played twice in goal and kind of messed up both times

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